Anna Kristina’s Music

Whether she is singing  jazz, R&B, soul, rock, or her original songs which marry them all, her powerful and seductive vocals are captivating and deeply connected to her song. She brings her musical depth, emotional honesty, slinky rhythmic feel and sheer electric sensuality together to form her own fiery and sultry style. She has been featured on numerous recordings and has toured nationally and internationally. Her velvety yet searingly soulful voice draws you in from the first note.


In her original music, she combines her favorite musical styles with her thoughtful, and deep diving lyrics and melodies. From her journal to song, her writing is deeply personal and soulful with a groove based rocking edge.


And in her shows, she is a force. Passionately leading her band and throwing her heart and soul into her songs, she weaves a tapestry of melody, lyric, feel, and soul with truth, fire, and a raw emotion.


“Soul Truth”

“Soul Truth” is Anna’s brand new album. In this collection of her original songs, Anna brings her soul, her truth, her struggles, and her discoveries to song. Her album incorporates her favorite styles and stays on the soulful tip.


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"Session 2"

Session 2 is the CD of original songs co-written and co-produced by Anna Kristina and guitarist Craig Olsen. The CD is a combination of Craig Olsen's captivating funky, tasteful and expressive grooves and Anna Kristina's vocal style, infectious melodies and intriguing lyrics.

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Anna Kristina with Zepparella - Led Zeppelin’s “When The Levee Breaks”

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