DNA Sings


The Boutique Duet with a wall of sound.


Made up of  Internationally touring powerhouse Singer/Guitarist Dave Weeks and Vocalist/Percussionist Extraordinaire Anna Kristina, these two combine their musical talents to create their sound. They combine folk, rock, soul, & heart to form a duet that is bigger than the sum of it’s parts. DNA Sings will move your mind, spirit and body.


DNA Sings was featured at the Silicon Valley Ted Talks, has played at San Francisco clubs and festivals, and recorded the CD Driving it Home.


“Driving It Home” available on Apple Music


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$10.00 + shipping ($15.00)


Listen to “Driving It Home”

“How can two people create such a powerful sound?!”

“Livin by Numbers in a Bodhi Tree” written and performed by DNA Sings

Fleetwood Mac’s “You Make Lovin Fun” performed by DNA Sings

“The Dragon of Greed” written by Dave Weeks performed by DNA Sings

Anna Kristina’s “Cozy Beautiful” performed by DNA Sings

Anna Kristina’s “Come On” performed by DNA Sings