The acclaimed duet...

stripped down, soulful

and seductive

About the Music

Anna Kristina's music drives with sheer electric sensuality. No matter what she tackles or where she focuses her talents, she adds her magnetic energy, beautiful voice and engaging vocal delivery drawing the listener deeply in to the music and story.

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I'll be playing at the
Fillmore Jazz Festival on July 5th!
I'll be with showcasing some of my new songs with my band.
I'll be on the Sutter Street stage at 12:30pm.
Would LOVE to see you there!

I'm currently performing constantly throughout the Bay Area with my own band and various others doing private and public events. Check out my calendar to find out where and when I'm performing publicly. I'm also getting ready to record some new original songs.

Looking forward to upcoming appearances with my own band soon!

Click here to find out the latest news and upcoming shows for my duet with Dave Weeks, "DNA Sings"

Thanks for all the fan mail and support!

Stay tuned for more to come...

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