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“Soul Truth”

Soul Truth cover

“Soul Truth” is Anna’s brand new album. In this collection of her original songs, Anna brings her soul, her truth, her struggles, and her discoveries to song. Her album incorporates her favorite styles and stays on the soulful tip.

$15.00 + shipping ($5.00)
$15.00 + shipping ($15.00)

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“Soul Truth”

01 - Seeing With New Eyes

02 - Back On Track

03 - Rose

04 - Leap Of Faith

05 - Come On

06 - Slipping

07 - Released

08 - Cozy Beautiful

09 - Songbird

“Session 2”

Session 2 cover

Session 2 is the CD of original songs co-written and co-produced by Anna Kristina and guitarist Craig Olsen. The CD is a combination of Craig Olsen's captivating funky, tasteful and expressive grooves and Anna Kristina's vocal style, infectious melodies and intriguing lyrics.

$15.00 + shipping ($5.00)
$15.00 + shipping ($15.00)

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01 - Celebrate

02 - Caught

03 - Today

04 - Deep In You

05 - Please Be Kind

06 - Bluebird

“Driving It Home”

DNA Sings Driving It Home cover art

The Boutique Duet with a wall of sound.

Made up of  Internationally touring powerhouse Singer/Guitarist Dave Weeks and Vocalist/Percussionist Extraordinaire Anna Kristina, these two combine their musical talents to create their sound. They combine folk, rock, soul, & heart to form a duet that is bigger than the sum of it’s parts. DNA Sings will move your mind, spirit and body.

DNA Sings was featured at the Silicon Valley Ted Talks, has played at San Francisco clubs and festivals, and recorded the CD Driving it Home.

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“Driving It Home”

01 - Baby It’s You

02 - Cozy Beautiful

03 - When The Stars Go Blue

04 - For What It’s Worth

05 - Feels Like Home

06 - You Make Lovin’ Fun

07 - Into The Mystic

08 - Sleep While I Drive

09 - Eleanor Rigby

10 - All I Have To Do Is Dream


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